Henderson Sculptural Arts – Biography & Background

In 199Dave Henderson working on a sculpture2 Dave Henderson began working full time as a sand sculptor which he continues to this day.  He started Henderson Sculptural Arts in 1998 becoming a fully Licensed California Landscape Contractor in 2001 providing faux and real rock water features,  ponds and pools to clients in the San Diego County area. Becoming a Corporation in 2004 Henderson Sculptural Arts, Inc. (HSA) was founded after his successful creation and continued direction of The Sand Sculpture Coalition, (SSC) started in 1989.  Since then SSC has seen it’s artists travel all over North America, Europe, Australia, and even Japan, producing state-of-the-art sand sculptures at fairs, festivals, shopping malls, theme parks, conventions, and other special events.Dave also created the first instructional video on the art of sand sculpture, called, “The Magic of Sand Sculpture” and also initiated the Ocean Beach Sand Castle Festival to benefit folks with developmental disabilities which ran for seven years in a row and was seen by thousands...

More recently Dave has begun experimenting with concrete and cement as a sculpting medium exploring it’s unlimited design possibilities…

  “Going back as far as I can remember I’ve always had an interest and passion for creativity in all it’s forms.   Whether the written word, musical, performing, or the visual arts.   But the three dimensional arts is what I’ve enjoyed the most.   Taking such simple elements like clay, sand, water, steel, and cement and then being able to bring them to life, so to speak, continues to bring me great satisfaction, joy and amazement.  And it’s so wonderful to be able to share that experience with others!” 
HSA/SSC founder ,
Dave Henderson

“A very sincere thank you from Alaska Airlines for the excellent job you did on our sand sculpture for the Celebrity Sports Invitational in Puerto Vallarta….you delivered all that was expected and even more.” 
D.M., Manager, Special Projects,
 Alaska Airlines

Personal History


Mr. Henderson has always enjoyed working with his hands beginning with ceramics while still in high school. He translated this passion and skill set to a 14 year career in dental technology.  During this time he took up scuba diving, earned his Master Diver designation and was awarded Underwater Photographer of the year.   In 1980, following his interest and passion for personal development he purchased a distributorship from Success Motivation Institute in Waco Texas.  He spent the next few years assisting businesses and people with achieving more of their full potential.   In 1983 he discovered sand sculpture and embraced this amazing art form with a passion winning the 1987 Worlds Team Championships held in White Rock, B. C. Canada and the first International Sand Castle Competition, Singles Division in Clearwater Florida.  In 1988 he also won the US Open Team Championship in San Diego, CA and then over 10 years later the 1999 Team World Championships at Harrison Hot Springs, B. C. Canada.  

 To date Mr. Henderson has personally sold over $2,320,000 worth of sand sculpture & faux rock projects adding his years of experience and creative touch to everything he does.  He is also available for public speaking engagements sharing some of what he’s learned over decades work in the three dimensional arts and entrepreneurialism among other topics.


IMG_2897Since 1993 Dave has been married to his beloved wife Claudette.

They have two home-schooled sons, Daniel and Michael.

Due to a genetic disorder at the end of 2007 Dave’s kidney’s failed and he spent most of 2008 on dialysis before thankfully receiving one of Claudette’s kidneys which Dave says basically gave him his life back. They attend East Valley Christian Fellowship ever seeking to understand and live out Gods purpose and plan for their lives. Give HSA a call and see how Dave and his team can add beauty, value and impact to your property, event or spirit! You won’t regret it!