Sand Sculpture Coalition

Sand Sculpture Coalition

IMG_1578_edited2_2After discovering sand sculpture in 1983 and working with Gerry Kirk and Todd Vander Pluym’s Sand Sculptors International for a number of years in 1989 Dave started his own little organization, The Sand Sculpture Coalition.

“I loved, (and still love) seeing how folks were touched and amazed by seeing the power of creativity happening right before there very eyes!  Every project seemed to bring people together and raise there spirits.  And then in 1990  I wanted to see if I could establish an event in San Diego that could both involve the community in it’s creation, integrate persons with developmental disabilities into that process and maybe even be able to raise funds for their support.

IMG_1571Out of that idea was born the Ocean Beach Sand Castle Festival which was first called “Sand Castle Building Days”.  Myself and many others put it together and it ran for 7 years in a row.   Something I feel very blessed to have been able to be a part of.”  – Dave Henderson, CEO

“Sand Castle Building Days” was an innovative, creative idea and an overwhelming success.  The goal of integrating developmentally disabled individuals into the community could not have been better accomplished through any other activity.” – Carol Bentley, Assemblywoman, 77th District of California


OB FestDuring this time Dave was invited to be a part of “Team Hardcore” which went on the win the 1987 Worlds Team Championships held in White Rock, B. C. Canada and the first International Sand Castle Competition, Singles Division in Clearwater Florida.  In 1988 he also won the US Open Team Championship in San Diego, CA and then over 10 years later the 1999 Team World Championships at Harrison Hot Springs, B. C. Canada.  Dave also created the first instructional video on the art of sand sculpture, called, “The Magic of Sand Sculpture”.

Since 1989 SSC has seen it’s artists travel all over North America, Europe, Australia, and even Japan, producing state-of-the-art sand sculptures at fairs, festivals, shopping malls, theme parks, conventions, and other special events.

Ultimately going forward, in addition to our faux rock work, the goal of The Sand Sculpture Coalition, (and now since 1998, Henderson Sculptural Arts, Inc.) was and is to bring together sand sculptors, artists, and anyone else interested in discovering more of their creative potential through this amazing are form and at the same time finding ways of sharing it’s positive healing power with others while also developing it’s entertainment and marketing potential as well.