The HSA Difference

What is different about HSA?

The first and most important difference is INTEGRITY.   Owner and CEO, Dave Henderson has been married to his beloved wife Claudette for over 21yrs, has two boys and has been a Christian for over 17 years.

HSA gets BBB Torch AwardWhile he understands that all that does not guarantee honesty and integrity, the fact that he’s stayed in business through all the down turns in the economy while using almost no advertising is a testimony in and of itself.  Just about all his work comes from personal referrals.   He also won a Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau in 2002.  HSA is also fully licensed and insured so you know that they’re serious about what they do and doing it right.

Example of "Lagoon Style" of rockwork.

Example of “Lagoon Style” of rockwork.

Secondly, SKILL.  Knowing how to design, create, and build top-of-the-line artificial rockwork and custom sculptures is not something that can be learned quickly.  In fact the ability to create can go beyond books, seminars and even experience.  It’s that “something else” or “gift” that one almost needs to be born with.   Many folks have said that Dave possesses that gift…

In addition, not only do we have the technical and artistic skill to design and create your ideal backyard retreat we can also take care of any project remodels or repairs you may have duplicating whatever style of existing rock-work with exacting detail.  Stratified, Decomposed Granite, Fractured Rock/Granite, Lava, or even a Tide Pool Stone look, HSA can create them all and more.  Most other “rock” companies tend to have a very limited style or type of rock-work “look” to choose from.

Dave explains: “It seems at first glance that it really shouldn’t be that hard to make a “rock” or realistic long-lasting waterfall.  I mean we’ve all seen them around our whole lives in nature.  But we’ve also seen man-made rocks and/or waterfalls and we can tell that they are well….man made.  When you break it down there are numerous components to creating/building a successful artificial, (as well as real) rock project.   There’s FORM and then there’s FUNCTION or how they look and how they work.   Form focuses on Project Composition, Rock Size, Rock Shape, Large & Small Texture, and Color and Function looks at Safety, Durability, Waterproofing, and Equipment NeedsIf the project misses on too many of these items the project won’t be a success and may be a complete failure requiring considerable repairs etc.”.

Spa overflow becomes a waterfall into pool.

Spa overflow becomes a waterfall into pool.

Under FORM you’ve got to get a number of things right:

  • PROJECT COMPOSITION, how do the elements, (rocks, streams, waterfall drops etc.) fit together.
  • SIZE, how many rocks and what sizes.
  • SHAPE, what kind of rocks, flat, round, square, fractured, crumbling etc.
  • LARGE TEXTURE, large cracks, cut outs, and break aways etc. and how many if any.
  • SMALL TEXTURE, what’s the surface like? Smooth, rough, very rough or erroded etc.
  • COLOR, subtle, strong, contrasting, number of colors applied etc.

Blowing on the Shotcreteing on the pool and the water feature.

With FUNCTION, you need:

  • SAFETY, minimizing any/all potential injuries as much as possible due to structural failures and/or accidents especially with slides and grottos.
  • DURABILITY, built to last as long as possible.
  • WATERPROOFING, keeping water from going where it’s not supposed to go.
  • EQUIPMENT, Water filtration, plumbing and electrical design and layout.

The bottom line is the project must look like God made it and last almost as long as if He did…  This is the standard that HSA aspires to on every single project they build.