Boulder Bunkers

Henderson Sculptural Arts – Boulder Bunkers

“In 2007 I witnessed two large fires which ravaged areas of San Diego County.   Out of that experience I came up with the idea of simply enlarging the faux rocks or boulders that I was already designing and building on my pool projects.  Boulder Bunkers™ are the result.   They are secure and “hidden” storage structures as well as emergency “shelter in place” bunkers that are waterproof, fireproof, windproof.

Henderson Sculptural Arts, Boulder Bunkers Storage Sturctures

Boulder Bunker, Small

They can be any size, shape or color and can even include water and electrical as well as NBC Filtration.  During these trying times, and with the prospects of likely terrorist attacks, environmental disasters, and/or civil unrest, the value of having a stealth/hidden, fireproof, and waterproof “bunker” for food, firearms, and water storage makes more sense now than ever”. 
Dave Henderson, CEO
Henderson Sculptural Arts, Inc.