Henderson Sculptural Arts Accomplishments, Media and Awards:

Henderson Sculptural Arts Media:

SD Union Tribune Story

SD Union Tribune Story

“In 1990 I wanted to see if I could establish an event in San Diego that could both involve the community in it’s creation, integrate persons with developmental disabilities into that process and maybe even be able to raise funds for their support. Out of that idea was born the Ocean Beach Sand Castle Festival which was first called “Sand Castle Building Days”. We put it together for 7 years in a row. With the help of hundreds of volunteers and sand sculptors from around the country we were, I think, able to make a little bit of a difference in the lives of all those who participated and who where touched by our “castle in the sand”.

Director, Dave Henderson
HSA Sand Castle Days Benefit Photo
“Sand Castle Building Days” was an innovative, creative idea and an overwhelming success. The goal of integrating developmentally disabled individuals into the community could not have been better accomplished through any other activity.”
– Carol Bently, Assemblywoman, 77th District

Henderson Sculptural Arts Awards and certificates:

HSA awards

Henderson Sculptural Arts Community:

Initiated the 1st Ocean Beach Sand Castle Festival to benefit  persons with developmental disabilities.  Ran for 7 years in a row and was seen by thousands.  Heights  12′ to 18′  tall and 3,500 to 5000 tons.

Henderson Sculptural Arts World Records:

Built the current unofficial “Indoor World Record” for Tallest Sand Castle @ 33.5′ tall and 412 tons.

Participated in the creation of two of the previous world record Tallest Sand Sculptures @ approx. 38′ tall and 39,000 tons and 68′ tall and 187,000 tons.

Henderson Sculptural Arts Awards:

2002 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, Better Business Bureau.  Finalists.

1999 World Championships, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., 1st Place Team Division.

1990 United Way Sand Castle Contest, Seal Beach, CA., 1st Place, Team Division.

1988 US Open Competition, San Diego, Ca., 1st Place Team Division.

1988, Tallest Sand Castle built by high school students in one day @ approx. 12′ tall and 20 tons.

1987 World Championships, White Rock, B.C. Canada, 1st Place Team Division

1987 International Sand Castle Competition, Clearwater, Fl., 1st Place Singles Division.

1987 Underwater Photographer of the Year, Underwater Photographic Society of San Diego.

Partial List of Sand Sculpture Clients and Sponsors:

• New York State Fair, UCLA Mardi Gras, Meadowlands Fair, Three Rivers Mall,  Montanafair, Chico Mall, Oregon State Fair, Ocean One Mall, Solano Co. Fair, US Navy, Ionia Free Fair, Colusa Co. Fair, Central States Fair,  Riverdayz Festival, Gooding Co. Fair, Zebco Corp., Spokane Interstate Fair, Central Washington St. Fair, Georgia State Fair, Perfect Impressions, Periwinkle Productions, Dicator Celebration, Qualcomm Inc. Nevada State Fair, City of Ocean Beach, CA, Eldorado Co Fair, Oklahoma St. Fair, Chezzam Entertainment, Diana Clark Co. Etc.

• Delta Airlines, SeaWorld, Keebler Foods, American Spas, Chevron, 91X Radio, Coca Cola, Universal Studio’s, Dean Witter, Cal Spas, Foodmaker Inc., Maranatha Chapel, Taco Bell, Holiday Inn Hotels, P&C Foods, Magna Bank, Y94 FM Radio, Trigg Co. Farmers Bank, Pepsi, Cox Cable TV, Apollo Spas, Eckerd Drugs, Zerox Corp., Etc.