Slides and Jumping Rocks

Henderson Sculptural Arts, Slides & Jumping RocksHenderson Sculptural Arts – Slides and Jumping Rocks

Slides and Jumping Rocks add all kinds of fun activities to your Outdoor Living Pool Experience.  Sit down and then off you go!  Climb up the stairs, or rock steps and see how big a cannon ball splash you can make…  :)

This project above has a grotto, slide and jumping rock all in one!  And the back of the grotto has a “door” so you can enter the pool through the large rock that Corey, (my nephew) is standing on.

Faux rock "Island Spa", slide and upper pond.


Another one of my favorite projects, this one had a complete faux rock spa in addition to an awesome slide and upper play pond in the upper left of the photo, (see the gallery below for more photos of this project)








Here you can see the upper pond and slide start at the bottom right of picture…



Whatever the location a slides and jumping rocks can be created but a hill always helps for slides…




Jumping Rocks, (which tend to be all rocks near water that one can climb up onto) are intentionally built with steps/stairs access.

Here my son Daniel made the grotto roof a jumping rock.


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  • Recolor, Whitacker
  • SpaIsland1
  • SLIDE with Daniel3
  • SLIDE with Daniel
  • SLIDE with Daniel 4
  • SLIDE with Daniel2
  • Slide, with Daniel3,
  • Slide, with Daniel4,
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  • Slide, CROCKER, with Michael