Henderson Sculptural Arts – Waterfalls

Besides the pond or pool, waterfalls are basically the other half of a fully functional water feature.  Now all water features don’t have to have a waterfall.  They can simply be stand alone ponds.  But the sound and healing properties of moving water is one of main reasons that folks contact us.  Waterfalls are also and integral part of the health of biological water feature projects.   And as you’d expect they can be any size, shape, style of rock, stone or configuration desired.

Henderson Sculptural Arts, Faux Rock Waterfall & Fish PondThe above photo shows an example of an artificial or faux rock waterfall on a biological pond.  The photo below was made with real boulders on a liner and show how projects age naturally over time…


Whatever the application, on a swimming pool or on a pond for plant and animal life a waterfall is a must.  The texture and sound of running water is always a key element in any successful water feature design…


  • Jamul Waterfall
  • FAUX ROCK, Biological 3
  • FAUX ROCK, Biological
  • FAUX ROCK, Bioligical, Jamul2,
  • FAUX ROCK, Bioligical, Jamul,
  • Grotto, With Michael
  • NEW, Salvati, Done
  • Gordon4
  • Waterfall with Daniel,Alpine
  • Slide, CROCKER, with Michael
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  • Sketch WICK
  • Henderson Arts Water Feature, Large, Slide_edited
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  • Henderson Sculptural Arts, Repairs and Recolors
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