Henderson Sculptural Arts – Remodels

Remodels are more than just your basic repair and re-color.   Sometimes bigger changes are needed to get things “right”.  By taking away and/or adding material existing projects can be redesigned to achieve both the form and function that is needed and desired.

To do this we use jackhammers, diamond blades, and grinders to remove “rocks”, concrete, cement, rebar or whatever other elements necessary to make way for the “new” feature.   If needed we can then add specific new “rock” elements, ponds, waterfalls or whatever is preferred to finalize the “look”.

The following photos show a remodel project done in Rancho Santa Fe, CA in 2013.  (see more photos of this at:



The demo was then begun with the lower half still needing work. New rebar is added where needed.











Demo has just begun….


Finished with water.

Finished with water.

The finished new waterfall…  Note the much less “boxie” looking boulders/rocks…