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When “Art meets Function”

Founder and owner Dave Henderson has always worked with his hands…  From ceramics artist to Dental Technician, award winner photographer and World Champion Sand Sculptor he always brings that creative touch to all that he does…

Henderson Sculptural Arts was founded on award-winning sand sculptures for corporate and private events. The creation of artificial and real rock waterfalls, ponds, pools, slides, grottoes and “faux” rock walls was a natural evolution for Mr. Henderson. Bringing an artist’s eye and passion for detail to every project makes each project uniquely beautiful. At HSA, we utilize only the very best in materials and take great personal pride in our workmanship. In fact, many of our “standard” features are not available with other companies, or are sold as high cost options.  With HSA “art truly does meet function”…  We invite you to visit our referrals page where you can review what actual clients have to say about HSA as well as visit the numerous galleries that cover all the various products/services we offer.

“Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to possibly being of service”  Sincerely, Dave Henderson, CEO

San Diego Living interview with Dave Henderson

Brown Project in Carmel Valley, California